I am a ceramic and figurative artist (with social community work background and long years of experience working both with individuals and groups). I have a special connection to clay culture since childhood also silversmithing and boat-building as per my ancestral professions. I was born in Baghdad, live in Sydney and travelled the world so this has impacted my practice.


   I started practising ceramic in Melbourne 2010 and attended numerous courses and workshops such as National Arts School -  Ceramic Department, Carlton Pottery School in Melbourne, Gymea Tafe - Ceramic Department .


I like to create with concepts, forms, shapes, functions and textures. I believe working with clay opens up many creative possibilities and its very grounding activity. My practice sits on the edge between ceramic and sculpture. In my art, I admire simple, natural aspects and forms. Also, how the imperfections in an object is actually what gives it personality, connective and perfect with its natural narrative. Through clay, I never stop learning and my ultimate happiness is when my hands become full of mud!

    This website is dedicated to my art including ceramic, sculptural work, paintings and Mandaic Calligraphy. Also, I have special interest in community art projects and delivering workshops mainly in pottery and ceramic. 




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